Skilled Employer Sponsored 494

The  Skilled Employer Sponsored 494. is a regional and provisional visa which needs employer nomination.   It  allows employers in designated regional areas to nominate skilled workers.

494 Visa Is PR Pathway

Yes – that’s the good news with this visa.  While the Skilled Employer Sponsored (Regional) 494 itself does not give you  permanent residency it does make you  eligible to apply  for  the Skilled Regional Permanent Residency 191 Visa after 3 years.

Criteria For Employer

  • Your employer must be  in a  designated regional area
  • Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Geelong, Perth and Sunshine Coast are some existing regional areas.
  • If you are a skilled worker, your position must be on a  relevant skilled occupation list.
  • Your current position has to be genuine, full-time and it should be available for five years
  • Your salary must align with  the market salary rate

494 Visa – Eligibility Criteria

  • You need  a skills assessment
  • You need at least 3 years relevant F / T work experience
  • Your must be less than 45 years
  • You need evidence  of Competent English

Generally, you should have gained your experience within the last 5 years. The experience period does not need to be continuous. Equivalent part-time work may be considered

Visa holders must commence work within 90 days of their visa being granted and must only work in their nominated occupation and only work for the nominating employer.

Conditions for  Permanent Residency

The  494 is a five-year visa and you can seek PR after 3 years by applying for the  Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) 191 Visa. But before getting PR, certain conditions apply such as:

  • Your work must work in a designated regional area for 3 years while you  hold a 494 vis
  • You must show annual earnings of at least $53,900 for each of the 3 years
  • You do not need to be nominated by an employer to apply for the 191 Permanent Visa.

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