The CEO of the Committee for Adelaide, Jodie Van Deventer, wants  more Australian migrants to go to small cities and regional centres in order to decrease centralisation stress on Melbourne and Sydney. Ms Van Deventer says the problem is not so much one of excessive immigration numbers but rather their distribution within Australia. She emphasises that cutting migrant numbers to try to ease pressure on Sydney and Melbourne will, in fact, negatively impact smaller centres such as Adelaide which struggle for population growth.

Ms Van Diverter in relation to more migrants told the Australian newspaper: “Curtailing migrant numbers to help cities like Melbourne and Sydney is ludicrous when you consider the harm it will cause to places like Adelaide and much of the nation’s regional areas where some communities are struggling to survive.”

She said that visa conditions that required more migrants to live only in cities such as Adelaide, Hobart or Darwin “must be considered as part of a population decentralisation strategy.”

“It would ease pressure on Sydney and Melbourne and create opportunities for cities such as Adelaide,” Ma Van Diverter said.

She told the Australian newspaper: “However, it’s important that these strategies don’t happen in isolation.  Providing visas that specifically permit people to live in places such as Adelaide puts us on the shopping list of skilled migrants, while ensuring the program matches genuine demands, and means migrants will be better matched with appropriate job opportunities and won’t need to travel elsewhere to find employment.”

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