Australian Visas

Australian visas for migration cover a range of types. Below is detail of the most common Australian visas that people apply for. Please contact us at Oz Migration Agent if you would like to check if you are eligible for a particular visa. We do applications for all types of visas.

General Skilled Migration

This is the most common form of Australian visas. But you need to be under 45 years of age, have good English skills and work qualifications and/or significant work experience in skilled occupation.

Many general skilled categories require you to pass a points test. Sponsorship by close family members who are citizens, permanent residents or eligible NZ citizens can be helpful. Check out the    Skilled Migration Program

Employer Sponsored Australian Visas

An Australian or overseas business can sponsor prospective employees to fill positions in Australia. These sponsorships can either be for a temporary visa which can be for up to four years or for a permanent visa. If the job is in a regional area of Australia, there can be significant concessions which make these regional options very attractive. As an Os Migration Agent expert, we can assist you with all relevant advice.

State / Territory Government Sponsored Australian Visas

State and Territory governments have their own migration objectives. Consequently, they have their own skilled occupation which are especially in demand in their particular states. In order to attract people to these jobs they make attractive offers to encourage people to work and live in their states. Those who are successful in obtaining State or Territory sponsorship need to commit to living and working in that particular State or Territory for two or three years.

Partner Visas

If you are in the partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, then they may sponsor you for a partner visa. This includes spouses, de factos and same sex partners. Partner visas can be applied for within or outside Australia. They are a two-step process with a temporary partner visa being granted first and then a permanent visa being granted two years later. Check out   Partner Visas

Advice and Help for You

At Oz Migration Services we can provide you with  all advice about Australian Visas, so call or txt 0408955770 or   Email