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Our expert Oz migration services can help you get on the pathway to PR (Permanent Residency). This means means you can live in Australia on a permanent basis and after being in the country for 4 years with the last 12 months on a permanent visa then you could be eligible for citizenship.

PR Visa Benefits

  • Work and live in the country
  • Bring family members
  • Free education for children
  • Health & work benefits

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Permanent Residency

  • Age– less than 45 years
  • Points – 65 points minimum
  • English language test– Need specified English language test score
  • Occupation– Occupation on  MLTSSL    list
  • Skill – Skills assessment
  • Good character and health

Pathway to PR Visas

Skilled Independent Visa-subclass 189

The Skilled Independent 189 visa is good in that it does not require any nomination or sponsorship by an employer or by a State or Territory government .

Skilled Nominated Visa-subclass 190

This Pathway to PR visa is State / Territory sponsored and is good for getting extra points for your EOI which adds to its popularity.

Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa

Subclass 491 visa allows you to live and work in Australia  for 5 years and apply for a permanent visa after three years.

Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

This has three streams – Direct Entry, Labour Agreement and Temporary Residence Transition. Application under each stream varies but the basics are that you must be suitably skilled with a skills assessment, you must be nominated by an employer and ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ your occupation must be on the   MLTSSL

Pathway to PR Steps

Before commencing, talk to us about using our expert Oz migration services to take care of the total application process for you.

  • Step 1– Check whether you need an English language test
  • Step 2 – Makes sure you will score a minimum on the Points score
  • Step 3– Apply for your skills assessment
  • Step 4 – After receiving a positive skills assessment, submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) to Skillselect at Dept of Home Affairs
  • Step 5– When you receive an invitation from your EOI, then you make your application for the visa.

Australian Visas Are Complex

Many people wanting PR in Australia find the process very complex. Our Oz migration services have helped many people through the complexity of the system so they can achieve their objective of gaining Permanent Residency. We are available at your convenience to help you with all aspects of visa application and migration. To get in touch with us, just email  [email protected]    or Txt or phone 0408955770



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