The most common business visa question is which is the best visa option.

There are seven business and investor visa types so Oz Migration Services makes sure that the best visa option is selected for you. Oz Migration will lay out your business visa pathway and manage all elements of the process from initial consultation through expression of interest and on to visa grant

Business Visas – Elements

Oz Immigration Services makes sure that all parts of the process are dealt with comprehensively. This includes such issues as:

  • business plan advice
  • documentation of financial history
  • calculation of points
  • State nomination requirements
  • asset valuation
  • evidence of experience and expertise.
  • expression of interest
  • investment options
  • PR requirements.


How Oz Migration Helps With Business Visas

From the first consultation, Oz Migration works to make sure that you apply for the visa which has the best fit for both your background and your future objectives. This involves comprehensive analysis of your business visa eligibility

Included in this is laying out the route to PR for you and your family and to citizenship if that is your wish.

Business Talent Visa

One of the visas which is available is the Business Talent Visa. This is a permanent visa which allows a business person to establish a new or develop an existing business in Australia.

Business Talent

Business Visas – Eligibility

We analyse your situation for eligibility and valid application for state sponsorship in any Australian state or territory.  Application

We work with your accountant to present your financials in the most appropriate format for Australian Immigration purposes

As part of the Oz Migration Service we take total care of the Lodgement of expressions of interest to Skillselect for you.

And we analyse most carefully your points calculation to ensure you only claim points which can be fully evidenced.

Additionally, we guide you on the provision of all documentary evidence as well as on police checks and health examinations and how to organise all of these.

Finally, we advise you on bridging visas (for onshore clients) and relevant work conditions and we ensure your visa application is lodged on time and in a complete form

Subsequently, we deal on your behalf with any inquiries from Immigration on your application and any associated matter

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