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– Student Visas

– Visitor Visas

–   Employer Sponsored Visas

– Working Holiday Visas

– Business and Talent Visas

– Australian Citizenship Applications (inc NZ Citizens)

We Take Care of All Visa Process Elements Including:

* Draft and Lodge All Visa Applications

* Act as Agent for Your Skills Assessment Application

* Provide PR Pathways

*Assist With Your English Test Requirements

* Prepare Expression of Interest for State Nomination

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It is well recognised that Australia applies some of the world’s strictest immigration policies. While that may make it tricky to obtain PR (permanent residency) it is far from impossible, especially if you wisely decide to enlist the expert assistance of Oz Migration services. A common stumbling block is that applicants applying for the wrong visa or one they are not eligible or qualified for. This ruins their chances from the outset. OZ Migration agents can ensure that you apply for the correct visa whether it is an Oz work visa, partner or prospective marriage visa, employer sponsored visa (PR or temporary), visitor visa, student visa or any other type of visa including parent.

Applying for any visa can be stressful, but utilising Oz Migration’s help can relieve the anxiety and worry of whether you have the best chance success. Collating all the necessary documents and evidence – especially in the case of a partner visa where very extensive supporting evidence is required, can be a daunting task.  But with the guidance and assistance of an Oz Migration agent, this will all be completed in an efficient and timely manner.

The grant of your visa can be a pathway to a new life so you should not take any chances with the process.  Oz Migration knows what it takes to submit a successful visa application. Oz Migration also knows everything about the evidence required for employer and other sponsored visas.  And Oz Migration can even serve you as a licensed NZ immigration adviser.

For a fixed price, no stress experience, call Oz Migration today.