190 Visa State Sponsored is a great permanent visa option if you can’t get enough points for the independent 189 visa.

The Skilled Nominated  (Subclass 190)  is a permanent resident visa. It permits  overseas skilled workers, to live and work in Australia through nomination by a State or Territory government.  But it is a points-based visa and applications have to score a minimum of 65 points to be eligible.

190 Visa State Sponsored  Visa Benefits

With this visa you can:

  • Study, Work and Live in Australia permanently without any restriction
  • Apply for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor of eligible family members or relatives for PR
  • Multiple entries for five years from the date visa is granted

What You Need To Do

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect to be invited to lodge an application for the 190 Visa State Sponsored visa.

For the EOI you must  score at least 65 points.  

To check your point score, go to  calculator

The major factors in the point score are:

  • Age
  • State/Territory sponsorship for 190 visa
  • Education Qualification (Diploma / Degree / PHD)
  • Education in Australia
  • English Test
  • Work Experience
  • Single / Partner Skills

Eligibility Criteria

To receive an approval for this visa, you must have:

  • Age less than 45 years.
  • Occupation is on skilled occupation list
  • Nomination by a state or territory government agency
  • Positive Skills Assessment
  • At least Competent English

Police Clearances

You must have police clearance certificates from each country you lived in for 12 months in the last 10  years (after you turned 16 years of age)

Family Members In The Application

The family members you can include in your visa application are:

  • Your Husband/Wife
  • Your or your Partner’s Child or step child

You must have documentary evidence  to prove your relationship with them.

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