Skilled Workers – visas

 Skilled Workers are in demand in Australia because of the impact of the Covid pandemic.
Australia offers workers and their families various visa options for short-term and long-term periods as well as permanent residence. Professional, general and trade occupations are all in high demand at this time.

Skilled Workers Points Visas

Some work visas are  on a points-tested basis, leading to permanent residency
This means applicants are not tied to one specific employer and job.
Some skilled workers can be sponsored bv Australian state and territory governments.  They have their own skilled occupation lists for occupations which  are in high demand in their own regions.
In addition to the Skilled Independent visas and State-Nominated Skilled visas, there is the option of Employer Sponsored visas. If you find an employer seeking to employ someone with your skills, or if you have relatives residing in Australia you may be eligible for one of these Work visas.

Not Tied To Your Occupation

Please note that if you get a permanent work visa you are not tied to the occupation you nominated in your visa application?  Once you arrive  in Australia, then  you are completely free as to  what type of work you then choose to do.

Also, applicants should be aware that  conditions for skilled work visas are varied and complex.  But our expertise at Australian Migration Action can  hep you to find the best  path for skilled migration.

Australian visas and the migration system are complex. If you do not know the system it can be easy to make mistakes and create problems for yourself. Let us help you with the process. We can guide you through the maze  of options and requirements while showing you realistic options, and navigating  you through the whole process.
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