Horticulture visas available from 1 January 2020 will provide new Permanent Residency opportunities for overseas workers. This occurs under a new Horticultural Industry Labour Agreement

Some 31 horticultural occupations are available under this  new Labour Agreement. This means that employers who need horticultural workers will be able to recruit  them from overseas in a range of 31 different occupations.

Workers will be able to get visas which give them a pathway to PR.

One of the key benefits for workers under the new arrangement is that they can be aged up  to 50 years compared to the the standard age limit of 45.

Another is that they will not need as high a standard of English.  Workers will only need an overall IELTS score of 5 as long as none of their individual module scores is less than 4.5

After three  (Skill level 1-3) or four years (Skill level 4-5), workers will be able to transition to PR.


Regional Visas

Horticulture visas


Horticultural visas occupations include:

Irrigation Designer/ Manager;   Agronomist;   Entomologist;  Horticulture Grower;  Horticulture Research & Development Officer;     Mechanical Engineer;  Horticulture Farm Manager;   Quality Assurance Manager;   Biosecurity Officer;  Facility Plant Manager;    Facility Supervisor;      Maintenance Electrician;    Fitter and Welder;     Agriculture Technician;   Mechanic;    Nurseryperson;     Truck Driver;    Mobile Plant Operator;   Fork Lift Driver;   Irrigationist     Production Horticulturist;     Machinery Manager;   Cold Storage Manager.

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There 31 occupations range from Skill Level 1 at the top  down to Skill Level 5, which is the lowest skill level in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. This means that there are occupations listed across the whole range of occupation skills.  This means there are as many good opportunities for lower skilled horticulture workers as there are for those who have higher qualifications and degrees.