Partner Visa Application

As a registered Migration Agent we manage all aspects of your Partner visa application from start to finish. You always have available our expert advice and professional assistance because these  applications are complex. They require a great deal of information and very detailed supporting evidence. We advise you on the volume of necessary supporting material is provided.

Partner Visas – Two Types

Australia has two categories of Partner Visas. One you apply for if you are already in Australia which is called Onshore. The other you apply for if you are outside Australia which is called Offshore. Your application covers both the initial temporary Visa and the subsequent permanent visa. There is just one application and one fee.

Relationship Evidence

Evidence of your relationship with your partner is a most critical aspect of your application. You need to show that your relationship is committed, enduring and excludes all others. Information on evidence needed is at this link:

De Facto Relationship – 12 Months Living Together

A de facto relationship requires evidence that you have lived with your partner for the previous 12 months. This could be waived where you cannot live together due to exceptional circumstances.

If you are married, it is not necessary to show 12 months of cohabitation, but must evidence that you are currently living together. Registering your relationship in an Australian state or territory also exempts you from the 12-month cohabitation requirement.


Your sponsor needs to be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident. It is necessary for your sponsor to lodge a separate sponsor ship application.

Partner Visa Witness Statements

You will need two witnesses who know you and your sponsor and who can make a statutory declaration attesting to the strength and enduring nature your relationship. Use this link to see the witness statement form:

Avoid the Worry oF A Partner Visa Application

Partner Visa applications are very complex and time consuming. Avoid all the worry of this stressful, lengthy task. Take advantage of our long experience and expertise with Partner Visa applications to make a decision-ready application.

Personal Service for Visa Applications

We provide a personalised service to clients globally and with years of Australian visa experience, you can be assured that your application always receives our timely and best attention.

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