Partner Visas are  being processed more quickly. Now  you could get it in just four months. Currently, 25% of offshore 309  Partner Visa applications are processed in 4 months, and 50% in 8 months.  For the onshore 820 Partner visa, some 25% are processed in 6 months and 50% in 11 months. Partner Visas Work

Partner Visas –  HowThey Work

Onshore 820/801 visa 

This involves two steps and takes you from temporary residency to permanent residency. You can only apply for the 820 visa if you are in Australia.  You cannot apply for it if you are overseas.

The 820 visa is granted first and the 801 some 24 months later. The initial Government visa application charge covers both.

You can stay in Australia on your 820 visa till the permanent 801 visa is granted. Getting the  801 visa makes you  a permanent resident.

Offshore 309/100 visa

You must be outside Australia to lodge an application and for the 309 visa. Two years after lodging your temporary 309 visa application, you’ll  be assessed for the permanent  100 visa which gives you PR.  You will need to evidence your continuing partnership even after the 309 temporary visa has been approved.

Prospective Marriage 300 visa

This is the third partner visa which is available. You have to be outside Australia to apply for it

. It’s a temporary visa on which  you can  move to Australia and marry your partner.

After you get your 300 visa, you have 9 months to move to Australia and get married.

During this time, you can leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish.

Partner Visas – Evidence

It’s important to understand that there’s a great deal of information required to complete a Partner Visa application.  This inxludes  a lot of information about your family and the relationship itself.  Australian Migration Action specialises in preparing applications for Partner Visas. Talk to us and get the best application lodged.

Partner Visa Information

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