PR in Australia

To get PR in Australia  (Permanent Residency) is the objective of many temporary visa holders. A major point to clarify is that there is NOT one PR visa. Broadly speaking, there are temporary visas and permanent visas. Temporary visas do not give PR. Permanent visas do.

A person gets PR only because they get a permanent visa. As soon as they are granted their permanent visa, they become a Permanent Resident. Their Permanent Resident status is indefinite. It is not for a set time. It is continuing.

Pathway to PR in Australia

As a permanent visa is the basic requirement for getting PR, the first thing to do for a person on a temporary visa is to find a permanent visa that they can apply for. There are different types of permanent visas. For example, there are permanent skilled work visas and there are other permanent visas such as Partner Visas. So, I person want PR needs to find a permanent visa which will be suitable for them.

Permanent Work Visas

The work visas which will give you PR are the visas for occupations on the skilled occupation list called the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List or MLTSSL. The starting point is to go to the list of MLTSSL occupations:

You can  look over occupation lists and related skills assessing organisations at  skilled occupation lists. 

Partner Visas for PR in Australia

Many people obtain PR through the grant of a Partner Visas. Partner visas whether they are offshore or onshore have two part – a first stage temporary visa followed in due course by the second stage which is the permanent visa. So, this is a common pathway to PR for many people.

Sponsored Work Visas

There are some sponsored visas which are permanent and therefore give the applicant Permanent Residency. Sponsorship could be via an employer as in the 186 skilled work visa or it could be via a State or Territory government as in the 190 skilled visa.

Regional Visas Leading to PR

There are some temporary regional visas which in due course can deliver PR. One example is the 491 visa and another is the 494 visa. Working for a qualifying period in a designated regional area on one of these visas makes the person eligible to apply for the associated permanent visa.

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